Tiktok dedicated a song to a neighbor's cat and has collected millions of views

Over the past few weeks, tiktok has been flooded with a variety of videos, filmed with the same sound. “Here comes the boy. Hello, boy. Welcome. There he is. He is here, ”the girl sings. This song is translated as follows: “Here comes a boy. Hello boy. Welcome. Here it is. He's here".

The sound was recorded by @june_banoon, a tiktoker and put it on a video with a neighbor's cat named Meshed Pateito. Tiktok, where he just goes to meet the camera, has collected over 31 million views. The followers liked the charismatic furry so much that the blogger posted a few more videos with him and shared the story of their acquaintance. It turned out that she sees him almost every day and constantly takes pictures.

Tiktokers mainly use this sound to show their pets. However, you can hear it in the most diverse videos. For example, recently the official Olympics account used it to congratulate British diving Tom Daley on his first gold medal.

"Welcome to the gold medalists club"

The tiktok musicians also paid attention to the song and began to play along with the girl. Here are some of the most popular versions.

With piano accompaniment

With piano, flute and violin

With harp

With piano and backing vocals

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